With headquarters in Diadema, a municipality that makes up the greater ABC Region in São Paulo, Grupo Empresarial EVSA operates in various activities including maintenance and support for production and administrative operations, from the construction of new industrial/building units, preventive and corrective maintenance of existing plants/sites and equipment. We currently have 250 employees working the Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém steel mill since January 2016. We provide maintenance services for EDP and other CIPP industries. A Group with more than 20 years providing essential services to industry, with vast experience in production plants in the following areas: Hydroelectric, automotive, civil construction and steel. Maximum delivery of quality and security are our greatest assets. Among the different services that can be managed by a one single administrative structure, the company creates synergy and flexibility, resulting in lower costs and shorter deadlines for our customers. The company offers Industrial Maintenance, Steel Maintenance, Facility Services, Logistics Support, Construction Management and Contract Management.


People – Ethics – Transparency – Knowledge – Agility

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