Galcorr is an insurance brokerage and risk manager that has a multidisciplinary service capable of offering innovative and differentiated solutions to customers through a team of specialists in the areas of Property & Casualty, Warranties, Lease Debt, Credit, Consulting and Benefits.

With a varied portfolio of more than 750 clients and a balance of R$2.3 billion in total premiums written in the last five years, it is among the three largest privately held national insurance brokers and risk manager.

With a strong presence in the benefits area, supporting large companies in the management of insurance, in particular health plans, between 2021 and 2022, Galcorr manages more than 150,000 lives in benefits, maintaining the incredible rate of customer renewal close to 100 %.

Founded in 1993, Galcorr's history is intertwined with the renovation of the country's infrastructure, a segment in which it has a 25% market share. The first operations were in the infrastructure sector with highly relevant companies in the national and international civil construction segment, being our DNA for over 30 years and having in its portfolio major works such as: UHE Belo Monte, Metrofor phases 1 and 2 , Aimoré hydroelectric power plant, Caldeirão Wind Complex, Rodoanel south section, Porto do Pecém, Porto Suape, Atlântico Sul Shipyard, among others.

Today, with offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife, Galcorr has a deep understanding of the particularities of Brazil, acting autonomously and in an integrated manner.

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