Ceará's new industrial and logistics order

Ceará is now part of the international trade route, which includes a wide-range of industrial activities, in an area that favors development, sustainability and improved logistics. This is the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém (CIPP). It all started as a commercial operation in November of 2001 and officially opened for business on March 2002.

Located between the municipalities of Caucaia and São Gonçalo do Amarante, 60 kilometers from Fortaleza, occupying a large area of ​​18.593 hectares. The CIPP grows in order to develop the local, regional and national economy by moving steel products, fertilizers, bulk goods and containers. The Master Plan divides the region into four sectors. The first is for thermoelectric power plants and the steel mill, Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP); second, is the refinery and the petrochemical complex; the third is the industrial area and the fourth is the institutional area, services and the ZPE (free-trade zone).

Large and strategic companies are installed in the region. Currently, the Complex comprises 80 companies. Together, they are responsible for total investments in the order of R $ 30 billion, generating 79,2 thousand direct and indirect jobs.

Given this scenario, the region has become a sea of ​​opportunities for both national and international companies. There are more than 70 new business opportunities in the region, from the establishment of companies that provide technical and support services, supplies and commercialization of by-products of existing companies, machinery and equipment maintenance companies, pipeline and general services, car rental, outsourcing of labor, surveillance and training of people.

Installation facilities, added to the geographic location of CIPP (close to consumer markets in Asia, North America and Europe), road, rail and port infrastructure, tax incentives, people training, energy security, financing opportunities and the Export Processing Zone – ZPE (free-trade zone) set the tone for new future investments.