Your company is very important for the growth of the Pecém Complex and AECIPP can be your key partner in this new venture. We are a non-profit association with priority activities in the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém (CIPP), and we also represent companies based in São Gonçalo do Amarante and Caucaia. The Association of Industrial and Port Complex Companies of Pecém is an entity that aims to consolidate CIPP as one of the main business development hubs in Brazil. We currently represent 31 companies that together generate approximately 10,000 direct jobs and investments over R $ 28 billion. As a member, your company will be part of an entity that permanently defends the interests of its members with the government, direct and indirect public administration bodies and other organizations, as well as:
- Be part of a large network of professional and personal relations;
- Share experiences and create opportunities to increase competitiveness;
- Participate in trainings, qualifications, lectures and thematic forums in areas of common interest shared among members and the development of CIPP;
- Have collective interests protected and defended legally or out of court when needed;
- Obtain special agreements in the areas of education, purchase of consumer goods and security, for example.

Companies or institutions that has a relevant or strategic operational link with CIPP, and have an operational or pre-operational unit located in the municipalities of São Gonçalo do Amarante or Caucaia. Registration with City Hall of Caucaia and / or São Gonçalo do Amarante required.

1) Participation Agreement (signed with a Public Notary);
2) Company Contract (or Bylaws, depending on the case);
3) Document which proves Power of Attorney (Proxy);
4) Fixed Assets, Annual Gross Revenue and Number of Workers (direct jobs and monthly average of outsourced labor)

The above-mentioned information is vital to become an effective member.
(*) the information contained in item (4) serves as the basis for calculating the number of shares in AECIPP. The minimum monthly fee is R $ 2,000.00 with a 10% discount for non-performing companies, with a single membership fee corresponding to the value of two monthly fees. The quota is calculated considering the value of fixed assets, annual gross revenue and number of workers (direct jobs and monthly average of outsourced labor). Billing via bank payment.