Supplier Development Forum

The AECIPP Supplier Development Forum emerged in mid-2017 in order to identify the supply needs of companies within the Pecém Complex, with the goal of attracting and developing suppliers in the State of Ceará, focused on establishing long-term partnerships.

Among the main activities developed by the Forum are initiatives to assist in the qualification of companies to meet the needs of the CIPP’s corporations; promote improvements in quality management, supplier management and modernization of company management; prepare a register of potential local supply companies; and, to promote business roundtables between member companies and State suppliers, mainly those located in the municipalities close to the CIPP: São Gonçalo do Amarante and Caucaia.

Coordinator: Jose Roberto Haude (EDP – Porto do Pecém Power Generation). 
Meetings: Monthly – Always held on the 3rd week of the month.
How to participate: Meetings are for members and invited guests. In order to participate you must confirm via one of AECIPP’s communication channels:

( or by telephone +55 (85) 9.9102.2912.